I remember sitting on the bed with my mom watching The Flip Wilson Show. I was about six years old. I have such fond memories of being with my family gathered around the television set and laughing together. Sure, some of these episodes I can just watch on YouTube. But the truth is, I also like owning a few of my favorite episodes. I like to sit back and watch some of my favorite actors from back in the day working with Flip in a long-form skit. Overall, my favorite part of The Flip Wilson Show is when Flip comes out and talks to the audience at the beginning of each show.

Flip considered Bobby Darin to be his best friend. When you watch them together in scenes, their chemistry is undeniable. Their chemistry onstage, their camaraderie, is incredible. The cane and straw hat number just makes me melt. It’s two buddies having an absolute ball together onstage. It’s ridiculously delightful.

The author, Kevin Cook, did a fascinating job of shedding light on what Flip went through on the road during the early days of his career as a budding comic. I hope you will enjoy it and appreciate it as much as I did.